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After Insolvency Bloks Continues with Search for Investor


MUNICH, Germany – What happens with currently struggling and on e-bike components focused electronics specialist Bloks GmbH? On July 2018 – two days before Eurobike opened its doors – the company from Munich, Germany had to file for insolvency. The responsible court appointed Dr. Christian Gerloff from Munich law firm Gerloff-Liebler Rechtsanwälte as the insolvency administrator.

After Insolvency Bloks Continues with Search for Investor
Winner of the Eurobike Award 2015; Bloks’ minimalistic and colourful e-MTB computer. – Photo Bloks

For Gerloff the bicycle industry isn’t an unknown marketplace. Among others he handled and completed the insolvency proceedings of former e-drivetrain newcomer Clean Mobile AG (nowadays part of TQ Systems) successfully in 2012.

Current status

Now – three and a half weeks after Bloks co-founder and GMDaniel Meermann filed for his company’s insolvency – Bike Europe asked administrator Gerloff for the current status. Our questions were answered by Frank Elsner ‘Kommunikation für Unternehmen GmbH’. This PR agency works for the insolvency administrator’s office. According to their GM Frank Elsner, there are only two things to say at the moment. First, the business of Bloks continues. Second, they are searching for a solution. “Talks with interested investors are on the way”, says Elsner.

Financial troubles

However, it is still not clear and not officially communicated what the young company – working for e-bike drivetrain premium clients such as Brose, Alber/Neodrives and Enviolo (formerly NuVinci) – got into financial troubles.

According to Elsner, administrator Dr. Christian Gerloff is taking the classic path. It means that after stabilizing the business for the continuation of serving its customers he is now working on a sustainable solution for Bloks.

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