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Deadline for Imposition of Provisional E-Bike Dumping Duties in Ten Days


BRUSSELS, Belgium – Immediately after the May 3 publication in the EU Official Journal on EU Commission’s decision to make imports of electric bicycles originating in the People’s Republic of China subject to registration, the European Bicycle Manufacturers Association (EBMA) said that registration is the first vital step in making provisional EU anti-dumping measures possible as early as tomorrow. Since, many industry peers are asking themselves if and when they will come?

Deadline for Imposition of Provisional E-Bike Dumping Duties in Ten Days
French e-bike maker Easy Bike Group is anticipating dumping duty on e-bikes imported from China. – Photo Bike Europe

In its statement EBMA referred extensively to the May 3 published EU Commission’s document in which the e-bike imports from China are made subject to registration. EBMA says “The European Commission confirmed in the Official Journal that at this stage it has “sufficient evidence that imports of the product concerned from the People’s Republic of China (PRC) are being dumped”; and “the Commission has at its disposal sufficient evidence that the exporting producers’ subsidy practices are causing material injury to the Union industry.”

More meetings

The latest happenings involving the e-bike dumping issue is that a meeting has taken place among representatives from each EU member state. Also another meeting organized by the European Commission for hearing the latest insights from stakeholders will take place this or beginning next week.

Key data

The European Commission published key data presented with EBMA’s complaint and stated in the Official Journal:
• “The evidence of dumping is based on a comparison of the normal value thus established with the export price (at ex-works level) of the product concerned when sold for export to the Union. As a whole, and given the extent of the alleged dumping margins ranging from 193 % to 430 %, this evidence provides sufficient support at this stage that the exporting producers practice dumping”

• “The further substantial rise in imports is likely to seriously undermine the remedial effect of the duties to be applied. It is indeed reasonable to assume that the imports of the product concerned may further increase prior to the adoption of provisional measures, if any, since the latter would occur at the latest around the 20th of July which would coincide with the end of the 2018 selling season of electric bicycles.”
This means that in the next ten days, ultimately on July 20, the EU Commission is to publish whether it wants to impose provisional measures and provisional dumping duties on e-bikes imported from China.

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