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Phylion Plans Battery Pack Production in Europe


FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – At Eurobike Chinese e-bike battery maker Phylion revealed plans for starting production of battery packs in Europe. These plans are at an advanced stage with the final and official decision to be made next August.

Phylion Plans Battery Pack Production in Europe
Phylion’s Vice GM Luc Liu ‘Construction of Phylion’s European facility is likely to start in 2019. – Photo Bike Europe

That Luc Liu, Phylion’s vice general manager of the company’s Light Electric Vehicle division, revealed the plans on the production start in Europe to Bike Europe, indicates that the probability that there will be a green light coming for the company’s management highly likely.

Factory construction to start in 2019

Phylion’s battery pack making facility will be located in Portugal or in one of the Eastern European countries. Company representatives have already inspected four possible locations. Vice GM Luc Liu said that, when there’s a positive decision by the company’s Board, the construction of the new facility is to start in 2019. Production capacity will stand minimal at what Phylion currently ships annually to Europe. This stands at some 500,000 battery packs. Once running at full capacity it’s expected that some 80 jobs will be involved.

Localized production

On the question whether the current anti-dumping proceedings by the European Commission on the e-bike import from China, instigated the plans for a European based production facility, Luc Liu answered “The anti-dumping just accelerated the process of establishing a production unit in Europe. It’s part of our worldwide expansion plan which calls for localized production. In view of current market developments we need close to market production.”

21700 cells

The 500,000 battery packs that Phylion currently ships annually to Europe are made with Japanese and Korean cells from premium makers like Sony and Samsung. The remaining 35% come with cells made by Phylion itself.

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