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Accell Bike Parts Goes Global under XLC Brand Name


SCHWEINFURT, Germany – The new company name already appeared here and there, but since Eurobike it is official. Accell Bike Parts GmbH is that new company which founding signals the global launch of XLC which is Accell Group’s Parts & Accessories brand.

Accell Bike Parts Goes Global under XLC Brand Name
XLC Global Team (from left): Burkard Schuster, Florian Zeibig, Mairjam Stumpf, Ina Crespel, Philipp Träuptmann and Hans Härtel. – Photo S. Mikut/Accell Group

Accell Bike Parts GmbH is part of the Winora Group which is the German subsidiary of the listed Dutch Accell Group NV. With the founding of Accell Bike Parts Accell Group intends to systematically expand its  P&A market position with the development of XLC into a strong and internationally known ‘first choice’ P&A brand.

Important turnover component

That Accell Group is focusing more on this part of its business is due to the fact that it is an important component of the company’s total turnover. In 2017 Accell’s P&A business accounted for net sales of € 255.9m; contributing for 23.9% to the holding company’s total turnover of € 1.068m. Segment result stood at € 19.4m with organic net turnover growth at 0,5% which was impacted by the termination of Accell’s P&A activities in North America. Accell Group’s 2017 financial report also states that its XLC brand scored a higher share in its total P&A business and made a positive contribution to the segment result.

XLC Global Team

To expand the P&A business further Accell formed a motivated team  that deals intensively with product development and marketing. The XLC Global Team operates under the leadership of brand manager Burkard Schuster. Product management – supported by product designer Philipp Träuptmann – is managed by Hans Härtel and Florian Zeibig. Together they work on the expansion of the XLC portfolio with more innovative products. XLC’s marketing is done by Mairjam Stumpf. She is supported by content manager Ina Crespel.

Creating XLC’s global future

At last month’s Eurobike Accell’s customers got a first impression on how the XLC brand intends to create its global future. A brand-new booth presentation created an atmosphere corresponding with XLC’s new slogan; ‘Love Cycling’.

Global distribution

Accell Group’s various European subsidiaries are distributing the XLC branded parts and accessories. In the German speaking countries (Austria, Germany and Switzerland) it’s handled by E. Wiener Bike Parts which is Winora Group’s wholesale company. Accell Netherlands’ wholesaler Juncker Bike Parts is distributing XLC in Benelux and in the UK, Raleigh UK.  Accell’s subsidiaries in Denmark and Spain – Danish Cycle Service Nordic and Comet are distributing XLC in the Nordic countries and in Spain, France and Portugal.

“We look forward to the challenge as a team and have a very clear idea to position and strengthen XLC in the future with brand. implementation already in full swing”, says XLC brand manager Burkard Schuster.

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