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CeramicSpeed Claims to Have Developed ‘99% Efficient Shaft Drive’


HOLSTEBRO, Denmark – If the claims are substantiated by life tests then it could prove to be really revolutionary. It’s about what CeramicSpeed has named ‘Driven’; a drive shaft concept that has to set a new benchmark as the world’s most efficient drivetrain.

CeramicSpeed Claims to Have Developed ‘99% Efficient Shaft Drive’
CeramicSpeed ‘We achieved 99% efficient multi-speed drivetrain while eliminating chain and rear derailleur.’ – Photo CeramicSpeed

Drive shaft transmission in bicycles have never turned mainstream as the internal gearing result in transmission losses. At cars, motorcycles and many more motor-powered vehicles these losses are easily compensated. That’s different at human powered propelled bicycles. Has CeramicSpeed found the solution?

Chains and derailleurs to become obsolete

Partnering with the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Colorado, CeramicSpeed says that its Driven shaft drive “Creates 49% less friction when compared to the market leading chain and derailleur drivetrain. A traditional chain and derailleur drivetrain contain eight points of sliding friction, which is generated from the articulation of the chain at these points. CeramicSpeed’s new Driven concept impressively eliminates all eight points of sliding friction. To achieve the ultimate performance, Driven uses CeramicSpeed bearings in a pinion style drive shaft system. In total 21 CeramicSpeed bearings play a crucial role in the functionality and efficiency of Driven. Thanks to their extremely low rolling friction and longevity, the bearings transfer torque from the front ring through the drive shaft, then onto the 13-speed rear cog.”

‘99% efficiency’

At the head of CeramicSpeed’s Driven Project is company Chief Technology Officer and founder of Friction Facts, Jason Smith. He says “CeramicSpeed has proudly accomplished what many have said couldn’t be done. We achieved a 99% efficient multi-speed drivetrain while eliminating the chain and complex rear derailleur. Advancements in drivetrain technology have been evolutionary since the 1920s. Driven is truly revolutionary given its unique rolling element power transfer and unmatched efficiency. The Driven concept has the ability to change the way the cycling industry views drivetrain design and drivetrain efficiency.”

CeramicSpeed launched its Driven drivetrain at last month’s Eurobike where it was honoured with an Eurobike Award.

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