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Mobike Moves into Power-Assisted and Full Electric Bikesharing


BEIJING, China – Beijing-based bikesharing company Mobike recently held its first press event after its acquisition by online services giant Meituan Dianping in April. One of the main topics was the launch of their first E-bike which is co-designed with Dutch design firm Springtime. It brings power-assisted and even full electric cycling to Mobike’s bikesharing.

Mobike Moves into Power-Assisted and Full Electric Bikesharing
Mobike’s e-bike will be introduced in China, followed by key International markets. Here it will face obstacles in the form of regulations. – Photo Mobike

Mobike is the world’s largest smart bikeshare company in the world. Currently, Mobike operates in over 200 cities around the world, with more than 9 million bikes on the streets. In order to expand their service, the company is now expanding into public e-bikes.

Reducing reliance on cars

Mobike Founder & President Weiwei Hu said about the company’s expansion into offering e-bikes at its sharing services “Electric vehicles offer both efficiency and environmental benefits, and the demand for e-bikes is growing both here in China and internationally. We believe that e-bikes will complement our original bikes and will further improve city life for both our users and cities themselves by reducing the reliance on cars. To achieve the most advanced and reliable product and experience, we have invited Springtime to assist us in designing the best possible bike.”

Designed with user-first approach

Springtime is an Amsterdam-based design studio that specializes in product and brand development and has extensive expertise in urban mobility and transportation design. Springtime Co-founder and director Marcel Schreuder said about what his company designed for Mobike “A clean-looking, lightweight, comfortable e-bike that uses both hybrid power and full electric drive. The moped-like full electric drive will allow an easy transition for people with moped experience rather than cycling experience. The e-bike offers a 70km range and a top speed of 20km/h. The e-bike addresses rides up to 5km, whereas traditional bikes are commonly used for only 3km. All features on the bike are designed with a user-first approach; the one-hand adjustable seat allows for an easily match to the user’s height and a secure phone holder facilitates navigation.”

Regulations obstacles

The Mobike e-bike will initially be introduced in China, followed by key International markets. At those European and U.S. markets Mobike will have to deal with obstacles in the form of regulations. In addition to the fact that Mobike’s e-bike will have to meet the technical requirements imposed by the European Union on electric bicycles, the company will also be confronted with anti-dumping charges on electric bicycles that are imported in China. In the United States, Mobike will also have to comply with regulations that the individual States stipulate regarding the use of e-bikes. In addition, the Trump government recently imposed an import tax of 25% on imports of e-bikes from China.


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