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REIN4CED To Produce ‘Hybrid’ Composite Frames in Belgium


LEUVEN, Belgium – The next-generation of high-end composite bicycle frames will be produced in Leuven, Belgium. REIN4CED is the new startup company behind it, which not only developed the patented impact-resistant steel-fiber composite frames, but that also devised a fully automated production line. Production is to start late 2019 and offers REIN4CED customers – the leading brands – possibilities to bring back carbon frame production from Asia to Europe.

REIN4CED To Produce ‘Hybrid’ Composite Frames in Belgium
REIN4CED Board at Leuven facility with (from left) Dave Luyckx (CPO), Niels De Greef (COO), and Michaël Callens (CEO). – Photo REIN4CED

End of 2017 REIN4CED presented its ‘unbreakable’ composite bicycle frames for which it said the money to start production in Belgium had been secured.

The construction start of the new production plant for the ‘Hybrid’ composite frames is the next major milestone for REIN4CED.

Production start

REIN4CED Chief Product Officer Dave Luyckx says “Already late 2019, our first impact-resistant frames will roll off the new production line. Moreover, REIN4CED is actively engaged in advanced discussions with multiple world-leading cycling brands that want to incorporate REIN4CED’s patented impact-resistant material in their portfolio.”

Responding to growing demand for localized production

“The REIN4CED facility in Leuven will start at an annual production capacity of at least 20,000 bicycle frames,” states CEO Michaël Callens who further claims “Production can easily be upgraded to higher capacities. In particular in response to growing demand for localized production in Europe.”

REIN4CED is located centrally in Europe, and less than twenty kilometers away from Brussels international airport. With that the facility enables significant logistic advantages as well as increased supply chain flexibility and efficiency.

REIN4CED is at Taichung Bike Week that starts tomorrow in Taiwan and runs to September 28. The company is exhibiting at the Evergreen hotel at booth A17.

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