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Anti-Theft Devices Proof Valuable Part of Connectivity


VIENNA, Austria – In a recent case of bicycle theft the Austrian police was able to track and find a stolen e-bike in 24 hours and even discover a van of stolen goods. Geo-location and connectivity were the keywords to solve the case at an international level.

Anti-Theft Devices Proof Valuable Part of Connectivity
ESB technology made it possible to trace a stolen bike. – Photo Sitael

The stolen e-bike was a Yoom Voirbid Caritas with a MPF drive system. The connected e-bike was also equipped with the ESB technology developed by SITAEL S.p.A. This system includes an anti-theft functionality and as soon as the e-bike was taken from its original position the owner received an alert message in his ESB app. The ESB Connectivity System integrated on the e-bike was connected to a cloud platform via Bluetooth and GPS/GPRS, allowing the trace the vehicle.

Tracking stolen bike via connectivity

Once informed, the ESB team started tracking the position of the e-bike stolen in Italy and found it over 1,500 kilometers away from the position where it was taken. They were able to get real time geo-located coordinates on a map thanks to the constant transmission of a GPS/GPRS signal.

The ESB technology made it possible for the police to locate the stolen e-bike. Finally, they not only found one bike but a van containing 17 bikes and other stolen goods.

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