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‘Cyclists Are Not Concerned About Their Bicycle Lighting’


JOURE, the Netherlands – The 100 anniversary celebrations of the bicycle lights and accessories supplier Spanninga was the moment for owner and CEO Feike Spanninga to advocate the quality label for bicycle lights in road safety. Yesterday industry insiders and Spanninga employees from the Netherlands, France, China and Taiwan gathered at the company’s HQ in the Netherlands.

‘Cyclists Are Not Concerned About Their Bicycle Lighting’
Part of the celebrations on Spanninga’s 100 anniversary yesterday was a conference on road safety. – Photo Bike Europe

Part of the celebrations yesterday was a conference on road safety. Here Feike Spanninga emphasized the importance to enhance the existing quality label for bicycle lighting: “In the old days bicycle lighting had to meet all kinds of requirements. This legislation has been abolished step by step. Today it is generally accepted to have just a small light in the front and rear when cycling. You can even buy these small devices for the price of a beer. We all know that the contribution of these lights to road safety is limited. As an industry we have a job to do.”

According to Gert Jan Wijlhuizen, behavioral scientist at the Dutch institute for road safety research SWOV, “Bicycle lighting is something cyclists are not very concerned about. Perhaps a bonus for proper bicycle lighting would be better than the penalties today. It would be an option to lock up a bicycle once the lighting does not work.”

Future road safety

In future, Feike Spanninga expects bicycle lighting to become more and more environmentally friendly. “Limiting power consumption is one of our priorities in product development, while sunlight as an alternative source of energy is also gaining ground. Furthermore, we continue to focus on the quality label for bicycle lighting. In cooperation with the national industry association RAI, we are committed to get more attention for the existing quality label describing the minimum requirements that bicycle lighting must meet.”

In the past 20 years Spanninga has been a supporter of the Dutch fund for traffic casualties. On the occasion of the 100 anniversary, Feike Spanninga handed over a 100,000 euro check to the fund’s founder and Honorary Chairman Pieter van Vollenhoven.

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