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German Manufacturer and Wholesaler Hartje Opens Taiwan Office


HOYA, Germany – Hartje has recently opened its branch office Hartje Asia based in Taipei, Taiwan. In a press statement issued yesterday, Hartje announced that the fully owned subsidiary Hartje Asia works directly with the company’s 80 suppliers in the region.

German Manufacturer and Wholesaler Hartje Opens Taiwan Office
Hartje Asia also acts as a service provider for its European OEM customers. – Photo Hartje

The founding of Hartje Asia comes after the retirement of the owner of Hartje‘s local trading partners Peakworld and Eurocycle Asia with whom the German company has been working for 18 years. Hartje Asia took over employees known in the industry and continues the business model. Today Hartje Asia employs 3 people.

Hartje is distributing bicycle components as well as its own bike brands like Contoura, Victoria, Conway and Excelsior in Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium and Austria. Next to bicycles, Hartje is also distributing motorcycle and car parts.

Taiwan office

Like before Hartje Asia will maintain the company’s contacts in Asia but also take care of the quality control and supervise the production at the 80 suppliers. The local office will also take care of successful order fulfillment and organize the supply chain efficiency on site. This is primarily done for Hartje’s own bicycle brands, bicycle parts as well its motorcycle and car parts business in Europe.

Secondly Hartje Asia acts as a service provider for its European OEM customers, which are mainly based in Eastern Europe. The new office in Taipei creates opportunities for Hartje to expand its activities on the market providing knowledge and sharing sourcing partners as well as local competence. Hartje points out that the scope of the Taiwan office is not limited to the island only but stretches to China and other Asian sourcing markets that are currently on the rise.


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