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Bike Production Automation Boosted as Two Specialists Join Forces


TORRE DE ROVERI, Italy – Two Italian companies specializing in making machinery for production automation have joined forces. One of the two companies has a long history in the bicycle sector and was for instance closely involved in the set-up of robotized alloy frame production which is currently taking place in Portugal. This company is Bike Machinery srl. It has joined forces with robot maker Mair srl for “Innovating bicycle production machines and their servicing”.

Bike Production Automation Boosted as Two Specialists Join Forces
Bike Machinery partners with Mair srl which offers robotized industrial machines for boosting further bike production automation. – Photo Bike Europe

Contrary to Bike Machinery, Mair srl is not exclusively focused on supplying machinery for the production of bicycles. The company is targeting various industrial sectors including automotive, electromechanics, cosmetics and pharmaceutical. For companies operating in these sectors Mair srl develops and produces automation machinery including robots.

Bringing together skills and competences

For the operational part of the joining of forces of the two Italian specialists, Bike Machinery has moved to a larger facility. This is where the joint project team is “Bringing together the skills and commercial and technological competences of 30 designers, software engineers and technicians. Bike Machinery and Mair are now operating together under one roof.”

Automation requirements

The reason for the two companies to partner has all to do with what they call “The ever more challenging and demanding automation requirements from customers”. The Bike Machinery – Mair partnership focuses on automation machinery development, the design as well as the actual machine production. It is to bring about “More flexible, faster and more efficient technological solutions”.

Bike Machinery

Bike Machinery is well known across the bike sector as, in its close to 40 years history, it has participated in many international trade shows. Next to developing and making automation machinery for the production of bicycles it is also focused on motorcycle production. Bike Machinery is renowned for its frame & fork tube processing machinery as well as for assembly operations. Partner Mair srl which was founded in 1995 and claims to be “Leader in the field of robotized industrial machinery, in particular assembly and testing”.

Mair robots

Luigi Seghezzi, MD of Bike Machinery, elaborates on his new partner “With its robotized industrial machines, Mair has something that Bike Machinery does not have. Bike Machinery in turn has tubing processing know-how that Mair does not have. So we complement each other perfectly”.

Taiwan and Brasil

The Bike Machinery – Mair partnership includes two other companies. The first one is Bike Machinery Trading Co., Ltd. with its office in Taichung, Taiwan. This company sells and services the in Taiwan under license produced Bike Machinery machines on the Asian markets. The second company is Bike Machinery do Brasil. This subsidiary produces, sells and services machinery in Central and South American countries. Bike Machinery do Brasil is also responsible for servicing Mach1 wheel-building machinery.

Bike Machinery MD Luigi Seghezzi and Mair CEO Alfredo Longhi agree that their joined commitment is on “Fulfilling customer wishes through flexible, fast and efficient technological solutions”.


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