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New E-Bike Facility Being Built in Portugal Named Unibike


OIÃ, Portugal – A brand-new company is currently being set-up in Portugal by industry veteran Sergio Ramos. He is the man behind Avantisbike which has been operating as an OEM bike maker since 2001. His newest venture is named Unibike OEM Factory SA. The new company is already providing services to customers.

New E-Bike Facility Being Built in Portugal Named Unibike
New Unibike plant will get annual production capacity of 70,000 e-bikes and e-MTBs. – Photo Unibike

The Unibike e-bike production facility is located in the heart of Bike Valley Portugal, underlining the fact that Portugal is THE major European production center for bicycles, e-bikes, and P&A.

Avantisbike’s expertise and qualifications are also to be deployed at Unibike, claims Sergio Ramos as his new facility is to provide production as well as painting (with skills for all surfaces including carbon), storage and distribution services for OEM clients. The new company is already operational but the construction of the Unibike facility is to start next May. The same goes for the new company’s logistics center.

Bike Value Portugal Update

Bike Value Portugal Update

Doubled production capacity

The new Unibike plant will get an annual production capacity of 70,000 regular bicycles and e-bikes. With that Sergio Ramos is doubling his current assembly capability in Portugal as Avantisbike’s has about the same production capacity. Unibike standard assembly capacity is 350 bikes per day but this number can be doubled as it is able to switch to a 2-shift per day operation.

Unibike OEM Factory SA will be built on a 28,000 m² plot with the factory covering 7,500m². Construction of the new facility is to start May 19 and is planned to be finished on August 20, 2020.

Next to the factory also a new storage & distribution center for Unibike’s EU customers will be constructed. By beginning September, the new facility will be up and running with in particular the production of electric bicycles and e-MTBs.

Speed to market

Prior to the production Unibike’s logistic services are already up and running since last September. “What we offer are services from start to finish”, explains Sergio Ramos. “From production to logistics as well as warehousing. Our EU customers don´t need storage in each country. We will be their distribution center.”

Of course, for that Unibike and Avantisbike are benefitting from the fact that the two companies are part of Bike Value Portugal; meaning that the speed to market of the for OEM clients assembled e-bikes are counted in hours instead of in weeks.

Carbon painting expertise

Since its start in 2001 Avantisbike focused on offering painting services for aluminum as well as steel frames and parts. Since the company has worked consistently on increasing its capabilities in painting. In 2015 painting carbon frames and parts started. That experience has resulted in the development of a unique painting process for carbon fiber. Avantisbike claims that it has now “Processes that guarantee total reliability in carbon painting.”

With Unibike Sergio Ramos is expanding the capabilities in painting carbon frames and forks. New equipment has been procured and the new facility will feature a top class paint shop.

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