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Decathlon’s Sales Up In 2018 But Not Like In Previous Years


LILLE, France – Decathlon posted a global sales increase of 5 percent to 11.3 billion euros excluding VAT for 2018. Despite this positive result, the market was not as good as in the past four years for the sports retail giant. Between 2014 and 2017 Decathlon still generated a double-digit sales increase annually.

Decathlon’s Sales Up In 2018 But Not Like In Previous Years
In the past year the retail giant opened shops in new 12 countries. – Photo Decathlon

For the financial year 2018, Decathlon generated a net profit of 497 million euros. In 2017 Decathlon still posted a net profit of 610 million euro, a decline of 18.5%. Perhaps the decreased sales growth was the reason of the much-discussed appointment of Fabien Derville as the new CEO of Decathlon last December. Why Matthieu Leclercq – son of the founder of the world’s biggest sporting goods retailer (including bicycles), stepped down as CEO remains a mystery. French media described it as ‘an ongoing crisis’.

12 new countries

In the past 12 months the retail giant opened shops in 12 countries which were not yet on the store list. These 12 countries are Canada, Chile, Austria, Lithuania, Greece, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and South Korea. Decathlon now operates a network of 1,511 shops in 51 countries.

Including opening new stores, Decathlon invested a total of 620 million euros in 2018.

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