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Major Motorcycle Importer Enters E-Bike Market


WEIDEN, Germany – Motor Sport Accessoires GmbH (MSA) – longtime Kymco importer for Germany and Czech Republic and one of Europe’s major importers of motorcycles and scooters as well as ATVs – is entering the European bicycle and e-bike market. For that the company targets its existing dealers in the countries it is already operating in which are Germany and the Czech Republic. Next to them MSA is also looking for distributors and dealers in various EU countries. They are to distribute MSA’s own bike and e-bike brands Trenoli and Bionicon.

Major Motorcycle Importer Enters E-Bike Market
Motor Sport Accessoires GmbH MD Gerald Federl. This major importer of Powered Two-Wheelers invested heavily in its entry in the e-bike market. – Photo Jo Beckendorff

Already five years ago MSA created its own e-bike label Trenoli. The at that time big drop in 50cc scooter sales triggered the company to start with electric bicycles. MSA GM Gerald Federl says about this course change of his company “The big drop in scooter sales resulted in dealers looking for mobility alternatives. That’s why we created Trenoli”.

Lifestyle product

What also played a role in the consideration of starting with e-bikes, explains the MSA general manager, is the fact that “E-bikes contrary to e-scooters became already a lifestyle product and are not only perceived as for transport use, but also plays an important leisure role. Next to this, and very important for us, is that e-bikes appeal to a different target group”.

Other benefits that come with 25km/h e-bikes (the only category currently offered by MSA) are that there are no helmet and insurance obligations. And what also contributed to the company’s decision to start in e-bikes is the fact that in the Powered Two-Wheeler sector almost all dealers operate multi-branded stores in which the e-bike brand Trenoli fits.

More bicycle activities

After starting with Trenoli MSA scaled up its activities in bikes. The company took over the exclusive distribution of the iconic folding bike brand Strida for Germany and Austria. Furthermore, Bionicon was added to the portfolio. This MTB brand was acquired by MSA last year. Next to the product expansion MSA also acquired expertise in bicycles for being able to effectively reach out to IBDs. Apart from four (out of the twelve MSA has) sales reps focusing on bike dealers there are (product) managers for developing the Trenoli and Bionicon line-ups.

The investor behind MSA

The MSA HQ in Weiden, Germany houses, next to offices, the company’s flagship store Zweiradcenter Weiden. MSA is owned by investor Peter Unger. He is the founder of car parts – repair chain Auto-Teile-Unger (A.T.U.) which he sold in 2004. After that he successfully invested into various businesses including real estate as well as in MSA GmbH which he founded in 1994.

On the grounds of the MSA HQ there’s also the company’s logistics center where its motorcycles, scooters as well as (electric) bikes and parts are stocked. MSA offers its dealers a within 24 hours shipping service.

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