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Vittoria Joins European Graphene Flagship Project


BREMBATE, Italy – Vittoria SpA was recently invited to become Associated Member of the European Graphene Flagship project. This consortium was created by the European Commission and brings 170 academic and industrial researchers from 23 countries together. With a budget of 1 billion euro, the consortium represents a new form of joint, coordinated research on a large scale, forming Europe’s biggest ever research initiative.

Vittoria Joins European Graphene Flagship Project
Vittoria recently presented its 2nd generation Graphene tyres, - Photo Bike Europe

The core mission of the Graphene Flagship is to bring together academic and industrial researchers to take Graphene from the realm of academic laboratories into European society within 10 years, thus generating economic growth, new jobs and new opportunities. Two weeks ago, Vittoria launched the second-generation Graphene bicycle tyres.

“For Vittoria it is of the utmost importance to continue to develop high quality products in order to distinguish ourselves in the very competitive tyre market, otherwise we will lose,” said Vittoria Industries President Rudie Campagne during the presentation.

Driving research developments

Vittoria Industries is the largest single buyer of Graphene in volume in the tyre industry. “Joining the Graphene Flagship is a great chance for us to drive the latest research developments on Graphene to an industrial level,” said Rudie Campagne. “Therefore, we will be able to use Graphene developments to provide people with better performing products.”

“The Graphene Flagship will also benefit from the presence of Vittoria as a member. Given its footprint on the industrial usage of Graphene, Vittoria is one of the leading companies in Europe in bringing such a disruptive material into everyday products.” Italy based Vittoria SpA is the EMEA/LATAM branch of the Vittoria Industries Group.

Graphene conferences

“Vittoria SpA will benefit enormously from being part of this organization related to Graphene in Europe,” explained Vittoria Product Development Director Stefan Anton. “Access to researches at partners’ institutions and to Graphene-related publications will be more immediate than ever. We have now the possibility to start our specific researches with PhD scientists, to receive regular newsletters of recent developments and to participate to yearly graphene conferences.”

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