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E-bike Controller Manufacturer Nanjing Lishui Expands Global Distribution


NANJING, China – Nanjing Lishui Electronics Research Institute Co., Ltd. is one of the leading suppliers of e-bike controllers. The company sells more than 1,000 different kinds of customized electronic products to its international customer base. To increase its business, Nanjing Lishui recently announced to open local subsidiaries in Europe and the US.

E-bike Controller Manufacturer Nanjing Lishui Expands Global Distribution
“Opening offices in Europe and the US allows us to obtain the latest market information,” says Nanjing Lishui’s Director Xu. – Photo Bike Europe

Last year Lishui shipped 680,000 controllers for 250W e-bikes to more than 200 clients. In Europe the company claims a market share of 30 percent. Lishui was founded in 1979 and holds a long track record in e-bike components. Back in 1997, when the e-bike market just started in China, the company used its long-term expertise in the electrotechnical industry to develop and produce e-bike controllers. Initially the company only supplied the domestic market and entered the export market in 2004.

From China to Europe

In Europe Nanjing Lishui initially focused on SME’s and used its R&D experience to meet the diverse needs of clients with customized production. “We can respond rapidly to the latest market trends thanks to our R&D department and high-tech production facility,” explains Lishui’s Director Xu. “We want to bring better and more suitable solutions to our customers. This will give them the opportunity to stand out from the competition and extend their reach into their markets”.

Anticipating on anti-dumping duties

The announcement of EU to impose anti-dumping duties on e-bikes imported from China earlier this year affected the Chinese export market. With the focus on foreign markets, Nangjing Lishui has been committed to obtaining the certificates of the latest International regulations. The company was the first bike component manufacturer in China to receive the SGS certificate of EN ISO 13849-1 machinery safety standard.

US e-scooter market

In the US the e-scooter is Nanjing Lishui’s main market. “We are cooperating with a renowned local company to develop the controller for an e-scooter,” said Director Xu. “They are regarded as the fastest growing startup for shared transport service in the US. The integration of the internet and AI is one of the important trends at the moment, also for the e-bike industry. The US office will closely watch the market trends so we can develop the latest products and services.”


“The main strategy of our company is ‘quality, style and integrity’ which will bring us success on foreign markets,” said Director Xu. “The controller is the core of an e-bike and obtaining the largest market share is our ultimate goal.” The company already operates office in Europe, supplying products and after-sales services. Soon it will be upgraded to a subsidiary with more sales people and engineers joining the team, advancing R&D and providing better customer services, to enter the international markets with enhanced technologies and constant innovations.”

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