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Kross Relocates Multicycle Production to Poland


ULFT, the Netherlands – Bicycle manufacturer Kross is moving the Multicycle production line in the Netherlands to the company’s main facility in Poland. Only Multicycle’s product development and the production of tandems will remain in the Netherlands.

Kross Relocates Multicycle Production to Poland
The Multicycle production line in the Netherlands will be closed. – Photo Tweewieler

“Despite our investment in the market last year, we have to conclude the expected growth for Multicycle is lagging behind our forecast,” says Multicycle Managing Director Eelke van Bilzem. “We had to take bold steps and reorganize the company. This includes the loss of a number of jobs. With these changes in place we took the necessary measures needed to stabilize Multicycle and prepare the brand for the future.”

Exchange of know-how

“Since the acquisition of Multicycle by Kross early 2017, the focus has been on the exchange of know-how,” explained Eelke van Bilzem. “Now both companies are well aligned to each other, Multicycle will use Kross’s production experience and efficiency from this summer.”

After the take-over

Kross saved the brand Multicycle after it was declared bankrupt in 2016. At that time, Kross founder and CEO Zbigniew Sosnowski stated; “the bicycle production under the brand Multicycle will continue in Holland despite its recent financial crisis in November 2016.”  In the past year the cooperation between Kross and Multicycle was further intensified and now results in the production relocation of the traditional Dutch brand.

Kross has an annual production of 300,000 bicycles. The company is strong in the sporting segment, from electric trekking bikes to high-end mountain bikes and racing bikes.

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