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Pierer Industries Announces To Take Over Pexco


SCHWEINFURT, Germany – Within two years after the initial launch of Pexco GmbH at Eurobike 2017 by MD Susanne Puello and KTM Industries AG CEO Stefan Pierer, Pexco enters into a new phase. “We will accelerate plans to take over Pexco, a unit that makes bicycles and e-bikes, expecting full control by 2021,” stated Stefan Pierer.

Pierer Industries Announces To Take Over Pexco
MD Susanne Puello and KTM Industries AG CEO Stefan Pierer at the launch of Pexco at Eurobike 2017, - Photo Bike Europe

“E-bikes have become a huge market,” Pierer said in a statement published by Bloomberg. “The market has exploded, and as a large manufacturer you have to be there.” At Eurobike 2017, Stefan Pierer already made his objectives abundantly clear “Thanks to the e-MTB the bicycle and motorcycle market are growing closer together. For us the bicycle market and e-bikes are the next logical step to grow our business.”

Pexco integration in Pierer Industries

The integration of Pexco into Pierer Industries AG is coming faster than expected. “In recent weeks we decided that we needed to add extra momentum to establish ourselves as a relevant player in a highly competitive marketplace,” stated Stefan Pierer to Germany’s trade publication Velobiz.

Pexco ‘faced challenges’

Susanne Puello, Managing Director of Pexco GmbH explained further to Velobiz “We need to build more capacity and human resources in the areas of design, development, engineering, quality management and service in a timely manner in order to position ourselves in a strong competitive field. Especially in quality management and service we were facing challenges in recent weeks. This also goes hand in hand with being able to respond to the increasing needs and requirements of specialist retail partners. We only want to take this next step together with our specialist dealers.”

Future of Susanne and Felix Puello

“In the new constellation both Susanne and Felix Puello will hold leading positions in order to take the topic of eMobility to a new level,” explained Pierer.

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