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VanMoof Raises Millions in 12 Hours Crowdfunding Campaign


AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands – Over 920 funders pledged amounts ranging from 250 euro to 80,000 euro in VanMoof’s crowdfunding campaign earlier this week. According to VanMoof, “the crowdfunding round was so successful that it filled up before it even went public.” The money was raised exclusively from VanMoof’s riders and OnePlanetCrowd investors.

VanMoof Raises Millions in 12 Hours Crowdfunding Campaign
The funds raised will be used among them to scale-up the production of the Electrified S2 and X2. – Photo Bike Europe

The new crowdfunding campaign builds on VanMoof’s reputation as one of the most unconventional brands in the international bike industry. It follows 2017’s first round of crowdfunding raising the legal maximum 2.5 million euro in only fourteen days. As a direct result, VanMoof was able to speed up their international expansion, launching the revolutionary ES2 and EX2 and opening four brand stores across Europe, the US, and Asia.

Crowdfunding essential to growth strategy in 2019

“We are completely humbled by the support of our riders worldwide,” said VanMoof co-founder Ties Carlier. “Based on the success of our first crowdfunding campaign, we had high hopes, but this has exceeded all expectations. The level of belief and backing shown gives us even more confidence to keep pushing the limits. It makes me so proud to see our riders stepping up to become an even bigger part of VanMoof.”

“The crowdfunding campaign this week is part of a program to raise a total of 7.5 million euro in 2019. The remaining 5 million euro will come from individuals investing 100,000 euro or more each. The funds raised will be used to radically scale-up the company’s production of it’s in-demand Electrified S2 and X2, invest in innovative hardware and software development and expand the global brand-store network – reaching more people with better bikes,” said Ties Carlier.

VanMoof was founded in 2009 by Taco and Ties Carlier, two Dutch brothers with a vision of the perfect city bike. The company’s next-generation bikes are engineered for the cities of tomorrow – with powerful motors, high-capacity batteries, and integrated smart tech. VanMoof has brand stores in Amsterdam, Berlin, London, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Taipei, and Tokyo.

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