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For MY 2020 Bosch Focuses on More Power at Less Weight


REUTLIGEN, Germany – It’s been ten years that the Bosch Group invested in developing systems for power assisted bicycles through Bosch eBike Systems. Ten years that showed lots of innovations on the hardware and software parts of its e-bike systems. For MY 2010 that continues with the company in particular focusing on adding power to its system while making them lose weight.

For MY 2020 Bosch Focuses on More Power at Less Weight

During a last month presentation in Stuttgart Bosch eBike Systems CEO Claus Fleischer looked back on the past decade by reminding all the changes that occurred during these years in the e-bike business. “E-bikes have arrived in our society and it has become part of our lifestyle. E-biking makes sense as it is offers better transportation for distances of over 10 kilometers. And this trend is reflected in the sales figures,” he added by presenting an overview on how e-bikes sales boomed in countries like Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, and Greece. That sales boom resulted for Bosch eBike Systems in a significantly expanded business. Even in such a way and with an eye on continuing strong growth Claus Fleischer announced that Bosch eBike Systems is becoming a separate division in the Bosch Group at the beginning of 2020.

Subsequently Claus Fleischer presented the MY 2020 range of urban and e-MTB systems which is focused on adding at less weight. Also, Bosch eBike Systems is adding lots of innovations with an anti-tuning system, a lock system, added connectivity features for smartphones as well as a collaboration with Fox.

New motors for urban life

For MY 2020, Bosch has worked on new motors for urban e-bikes, e-MTBs as well as Cargo bikes. On the urban segment, the most significant new feature is at the Performance Line motor offering now 65 Nm for 25 km/h models and 75 Nm at Speed Pedelec versions. Next to a power increase “The new Performance Line motor offers a natural sporty riding sensation and accelerates dynamically and powerfully, even at low cadences,” claims Bosch. With a support up to 300 percent e-bikers may really enjoy a dynamic acceleration. Moreover, the new Performance Line also finds its place in the trekking and e-MTB segment. Indeed, the manufacturer has set up this drive unit to be compatible with e-MTBs. For commuters, Bosch has also thought about the riding sensation. “In off-mode and over 25 km/h, pedal resistance is barely noticeable, and the e-bike runs like a conventional bike.”

For professional and family transportation Bosch offers a new and powerful Cargo Line unit offering 75 Nm in torque and up to 400 percent support.

Also more power for e-MTBs

For e-MTBs, the new Performance Line CX has lost weight with only 2.9 kg, 25% less than the previous model. Also, the new drive unit is more compact. “We believe this motor sets a new benchmark in the market,” Claus Fleischer claimed. For drive unit, Bosch has increased the support to a maximum of 340 percent. “E-mountain bikers can achieve significant acceleration wherever it’s needed. The drive delivers constant power output over a very wide cadence range. Fast intermediate sprints and crisp changes of tempo are easy to achieve,” Claus Fleischer explained.

To conclude on the hardware, Bosch is also introducing two new batteries (PowerTube 625 and PowerTube 400). Two years after the PowerTube 500, Bosch eBike Systems would like to offer a solution for more range and for every wheel type.

Connectivity for more security

Next to all the news on drive systems Claus Fleischer also focused extensively on the connected future offered by the Bosch systems. And this includes e-bike security. For thatBosch has developed new software to discourage any thief. With a new Lock function, it’s possible to deactivate the drive unit support by removing the Kiox on-board display/computer. Of course, the e-bike could be stolen but the thief will have to ride the e-bike without electric support while he will also be tracked. The lock function will be compatible with the Active Line and Active Line Plus drive systems from model year 2018 onwards, as well as Cargo Line, Performance Line and Performance Line CX from model year 2020.

Bosch has also unveiled its first anti-tuning system. According to the brand “This improvement of the system comes in response to requirements included in the current European standard (EN 15194: 2017) for electric motor-supported bicycles.” The system will be available for all Bosch e-bike drive units for model year 2020. Because of the tuning, some riders are taking inconsiderable risks regarding their security and insurance. So, this system is using a sensor to detect whether the e-bike’s drive has been tuned. In that case, the e-bike’s computer will turn in an emergency mode and the electric support will be reduced.

More fun and simplicity

Among other software innovations, Claus Fleischer has also spoken about fun and easy life. For Mountainbikers, for example, Bosch and Fox are working together and it’s now possible to control the Fox E-Live Valve suspension directly from the Kiox on-board computer with five adjustable modes for different riding situation. “Using a sophisticated system of sensors, the E-Live Valve determines the conditions of the terrain 1,000 times per second and adjusts the fork and rear shock accordingly within fractions of a second,” Bosch claims.

The on-board display/computer Kiox will also have another improvement with the opportunity to connect it to the smartphone app developed by Bosch. The riders will be able to synchronize the Kiox with their smartphones to get information regarding their ride.

Last but not least, Bosch is also offering a new feature which allows riders to use their smartphones as a display. Known as SmartphoneHub and thanks to the acquisition of Cobi, this innovation should seduce lots of e-bikers because it’s very huge in terms of uses. Indeed, the smartphone gives indications about the navigation, fitness, tracking etcetera. It’s also possible to get connected to Strava or Komoot. But it could always be risky to put a smartphone on the handlebar, especially in case of fall. So, it’s possible to use the SmartHub with a smartphone in a pocket or in a bag. “The most important riding data will then be displayed on an integrated 1.52-inch LCD display,” said Bosch.

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