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AlexRims Upgrades Factory for Making Hi-End E-Bike Hubs


AlexRims Upgrades Factory for Making Hi-End E-Bike Hubs
New at Alexrims are Bear Pawls e-bike specific hubs. – Photo Bike Europe

TAICHUNG, Taiwan – Alexrims has upgraded its hub factory in Taichung, Taiwan. This was announced at last March Taipei International Cycle Show. The upgraded facility is to focus on making high quality hubs for e-bikes.

Alexrims’ Taichung facility is already manufacturing (among others types) more high-end hubs including 4-pawls alloy ones. Next to those also new 6-pawls e-bike specific hubs are being made in the upgraded facility. These hubs are used in new LV-3 wheelsets that come with steel rims. These extra strong wheels are also targeting electric bikes as they are able to cope with the high torques and higher speeds of e-bikes.

Bear Pawls

What’s also new at Alexrims is “Bear Pawls”. The Taiwan based hub maker is introducing these e-bike specific hubs. They feature in the latest designed Alexrims wheelsets as they offer enhanced strength and performance which is demanded by the high-torque e-bike. The Taiwan rim maker has also expanded is line-up for e-bikes wheels with 30 and 35 mm widths.


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