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Dahon Launches Technology Sharing Program


A pioneer in green mobility, Dahon has been heading folding bike market since the early 80’s and has become one of the world’s leading bicycle brands. As part of its mission, Dahon unveiled three sharing economy programs that are set to disrupt urban mobility.

Dahon Launches Technology Sharing Program

Technology Sharing Program

According to Dahon; “at least 10 million folding bikes are sold every year. Multiple Dahon patents can be found on nearly every-one of them!” Dahon began to share her much sought-after technology in the Technology Sharing Program, in the form of OEM quality parts. This will allow manufacturers to benefit from market-proven components previously exclusively on Dahon branded products, while saving import duties.
The components and technology available through this program include a wide choice of frames, handle-posts, and more. Comprised of the latest innovations, and prominently identified with Dahon laser stickers and statements in your description, they will enhance products’ value in terms of image, safety, functionality, aesthetics and thus profitability.

Co-Branding Licensing Program

“Innovation and brands drive profit in any company, and we believe that companies, small and large, can cooperate and work together to boost success”, states Dahon CEO Dr. Hon. “But building a brand often takes time and investment.” Sharing the renowned Dahon brand, built over almost four decades, is an excellent marketing tool for folding bikes. Thus, Dahon has launched a cobranding licensing program for qualified partners. In each market, the co-brand “Dahon by XX” will definitely enhance the value of products. The program also includes to other categories such as e-bikes, children’s bikes, and more. Qualified third-party OEM manufacturers can apply for the program.

Smart Bike Sharing System

Bike sharing systems in their different forms have become tremendously popular around the world. Whilst they offer very promising solutions to urban mobility, challenges remain in terms of waste of public space and resources, high operating costs and design. Dahon has recently developed a total solution for these issues, with ultra-slim foldable electric bikes or scooters housed in cabinets with smart lockers. That’s the basis of Dahon’s Smart Bike Sharing System.
Having a small footprint, each smart cabinet can store dozens of shared units, neatly and effectively. Thanks to a fully automatic storage system the bicycle is easily accessible for the consumer. The installation of each system requires only Wi-Fi, a single power cable and flat surface. Deployment and relocation of the system is very simple, compared to other docking stations on the market. With artificial intelligence, the smart system handles ID, fees, repair information and re-charging, as well as optimal re-deployment of units at peak hours.
Dahon CEO Dr. Hon noted, “Dahon’s Smart Bike Sharing System can easily be connected with other modes of transportation thanks to connectivity.” While quality requirements are tough, terms for sharing programs are easy. Interested? Please contact For Europe:

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