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Marwi Invests Millions in New Factory


Marwi Invests Millions in New Factory
Marwi to open a new factory in Taiwan. – Photo Bike Europe

TAICHUNG, Taiwan – Marwi Taiwan Industrial Co. will open an all new factory in Taichung. The Taichung based bicycle component manufacturer will invest TWD 300 million (8.6 million euro) in this facility.

Taiwan currently sees a wave of local investments to meet rising demand from returning Taiwanese businesses as the US-China trade dispute continues, as the Taipei Times reported last week. Besides its HQ and a factory in Taichung, the Marwi Group operates production units and offices in six countries (Taiwan, Indonesia, The Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic and the USA).

Assembly robotization

Marwi was the first Taiwan parts maker to install robots in its production lines already in 2014. Later Marwi stepped up the robotization of the assembly of the new pedal assembly line. Next to pedals, Marwi also manufacturer saddles, dynamos, lights and gear hangers.

Investment strategy

The ongoing investment in production is part of Marwi’s strategy to maintain its market position and meet rising demand. The robotization of the production is also the company’s answer to the labour costs in Taiwan, which are quite stable compared to other Asian countries as well as in China. This urged Marwi CEO Patrick Pai to invest in his factory in Taiwan which is holding the most modern machinery.

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