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Phylion Celebrates Production of 10th Million Li-Ion Batteries


Phylion Celebrates Production of 10th Million Li-Ion Batteries
Phylion recently celebrated the production of ten million power lithium-ion batteries. – Photo Bike Europe

SUZHOU, China – Phylion recently celebrated the production of its 10th million power lithium-ion batteries. According to Phylion Battery’s chairman and president Feng Xiao “Manufacturing lithium batteries is a serious process. You can’t just come and go like webshops. To make lithium batteries, we need to be very pragmatic and rigorous. We can’t make any mistakes because we provide to millions of users.”

Safety and quality aspects have always been key priorities at Phylion. “Since the start, we decided to focus on both quality and cost,” explained Feng Xiao. “Our goal is to make safe and affordable power lithium-ion batteries.” In 2003, Phylion’s first battery came off the product line. Twelve years later in 2016, Phylion had sold four million lithium batteries globally for light electric vehicles. By the end of 2018, eight million batteries were sold. And last August the lithium-ion battery, which marks ten million units, came off the assembly line.

“This sets a new milestone to Phylion representing trust and recognition to millions of users,” said Feng Xiao. “At the same time, these ten million units are only a small goal. We are a step closer to our next goal. In the past fifteen years we have establish our position in this market. With the implementation of the new national standard (in China) for electric bicycles, lithium-ion batteries will be widely used. It is expected that in the next one to two  years, the lithium-ion electric bicycle market will increase rapidly.”

Industry benchmark

At the ceremony the chairman of Gaogong Lithium-ion Battery Industry Research Company Dr. Zhang Xiaofei, expressed his esteem for Phylion and said “Since 2000, many power battery companies entered the electric bicycle industry, but many have disappeared again. Phylion has been focusing on sub-areas and with its global sales of electric bicycle lithium batteries the company has set an example in the industry.”

“Thanks to years of development and experience, we can constantly launch new technologies to match market needs. For example, our after-sales App offering an online detection model and a vehicle-based intelligent service platform,” said Feng Xiao. “The App can identify a problem in three minutes, quickly detect battery issues and the type of service it needs. The intelligent service platform system can release rapid diagnosis and offers a fast remote upgrade of the system. Through these kinds of technological innovations, the e-bike industry will move in the direction of more safety, higher quality and intelligent processes.”


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