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Selle Italia and Selle San Marco Unite and Diversify


Selle Italia and Selle San Marco Unite and Diversify
Giuseppe Bigolin, owner and President of Selle Italia and Selle San Marco. – Photo Selle Italia

ROSSANO VENETO, Italy – Two historic “Made in Italy” cycling brands aim to reinforce their tie on the market by combining forces to create an even stronger commercial partnership. Selle Italia and Selle San Marco are consolidating their activities in one Group. Next to that Giuseppe Bigolin, owner and President of the two companies announces the start of a strategy which includes diversifying into other products than saddles.

In January 2016 Selle Italia’s Giuseppe Bigolin took over Selle San Marco. At that time, he acquired a majority shareholding in Selle San Marco. If that is now changed into 100 percent of the shares in the company that was founded in 1935 by ‘Commendatore’ Luigi Girardi, is not made clear in the last Friday issued press release.

Separate brand identities

At the time of the Selle San Marco take-over by Selle Italia Giuseppe Bigolin said “The two production plants of the companies are to be unified. There will be synergies in many fields: logistics, R&D, supply chain and so on, but the companies and product identities will stay well separated. I like to describe this as a single tree where the trunk and the roots are the same, but their ramifications are separate and independent one from the other.”


What is to continue is that the two saddle makers will keep their brand identities, However, the two Veneto, Italy based companies, says President Bigolin “Will consolidate their relationship by founding a group, leveraging their expertise and experience, to develop and offer increasingly innovative products to cyclists of the future. Selle Italia and Selle San Marco represent an important part of cycling and have figured prominently in numerous victories. The results achieved in the past represent something quite unique. But we must look to the future with the same aspiration to innovate that has been our driving force over the years.”

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