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Motinova’s New Vietnam Production Facility Aims for 100,000 Units Annually (Video)


Motinova’s New Vietnam Production Facility Aims for 100,000 Units Annually (Video)
Motinova shipped a complete set of production equipment and processes from China to their new facility in Vietnam. – Photo Motinova

BEN CAT TOWN, Vietnam – Motinova, a partnership between the two Chinese companies HL Corp. and TTium opened a new e-bike motor factory in the South of Vietnam last week. “Our e-bike industry is facing severe challenges now both the European Union and the United States implemented additional import duties on e-bike products exported from China,” said Motinova Technology Company Ltd Chairman Daniel Liu at the opening of the factory. “Once the decision to implement these duties were announced public, we decided to build an overseas manufacturing center in Vietnam.”

We meet the requirements for a Certificate of Origin in Vietnam

Vietnam proved to be a suitable location for Motinova in order to comply with the local content requirements. “During the construction of this manufacturing facility, our sourcing people made unremitting efforts to improve our supply chain for domestically-manufactured goods and domestically-supplied services in Vietnam,” explained Daniel Liu. “Up to now the autonomy rate of Motinova products made in Vietnam has reached 50 percent, which meets the requirements for a Certificate of Origin in Vietnam.”

Production has started

In the new Vietnam factory, Motinova already started with the production of both the Volans and the Pegasi series. At the opening the facility had a capacity of 3,000 units a month. This will gradually be increased to 100,000 units annually in 2020. An area of 10,000 square meters was already purchased for the second phase to realize an even greater capacity in 2021.

Initially Motinova started its R&D and production center in Wuhan, China. Today the company employs some 60 engineers dedicated to the development, design and verification of mid-drive systems. Though the company has decided to relocate their production to Vietnam, R&D will stay in Wuhan, China.

Opening ceremony of the Vietnam facility

Source Motinova

Production equipment shipped from China

According to Daniel Liu, “We shipped a complete set of production equipment and processes from China to their new facility in Vietnam. This makes it possible for us to keep the same quality management system and production management system as in our Chinese factory. We also send Vietnamese employees to China for study and training, and send domestic technical and management staff to Vietnam for training of local employees. The quality requirements of the parts used by the Vietnamese factory are consistent with those of China, which enables the Vietnamese factory to produce products of the same quality as those of Motinova in China.”

The Motinova organization is located on several locations in Asia and Europe. The head office is based in Hong Kong while the marketing is being arranged in Shenzhen, China. All R&D takes place in Wuhan, China, while the production for the European and North American market is done in Vietnam. After-sales service center is based in Galmaarden, Belgium. “Motinova was founded by TTium and HL Corp to use the best out of both companies,” explained Motinova General Manager Arno Raaijmakers at the opening of the factory.

The importance of Vietnam as production base for the e-bike and bicycle industry is growing. At the Motinova factory opening other Vietnam based and e-bike and bicycle related manufacturers were explicitly invited in order to improve the cooperation.


Complied standard with EN15194-2017 and TUV certification, Motinova has two series of Volans and Pegasi products with a total of four different models to cover all targets. “Motinova’s mid-drive motor provides unprecedented sense of smoothness,” explains Arno Raaijmakers. “The engine is very quiet and highly efficient. The system’s 10 milliseconds reaction speed creates stable and sync driving controls for a smooth driving behavior. All based on the best costs performance value.”

Distribution in Europe

For warehousing, offices and logistical services in Europe, Motinova partners with Belgium based Dewo. “We have been in the bicycle industry for more than a century and have been working with Asian partners for many decades,” said Dewo Europe owner and General Manager Jogi Sienaert. “Over the last couple of months working with Motinova we got convinced of the potential of the product.”  All service and warranty will be handled by Motinova based at the Dewo premises near Brussel, Belgium.

“To serve Motinova’s customers more closely, we have established a sales and after-sales service center in Europe. With the excellent quality and performance of the products, the business in Europe is developing smoothly, and a number of well-known brands have started or will start the cooperation with Motinova. In the future, we will rely on the support of HL Corp to gradually establish sales and after-sales service centers in the United States and other regions and to develop a broader market,” said Daniel Liu.

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