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KS Offers Solution for Suspension Seatposts

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KS Offers Solution for Suspension Seatposts

KS Offers Solution for Suspension Seatposts


Taiwan’s Kind Shock has come up with a solution for fitting suspension seatposts in downtubes with small diameters. Until now it was always a problem to design small suspension seat posts, as it left no space for the hydraulic fluid, valves, piston, and shaft, while maintaining proper wall thickness of the components.

This is necessary to ensure long term performance, safety, and overall durability. The all-new KS i7 has a diameter of only 27.2 millimetre. Kind Shock solved the problem by designing an (proprietary patent pending) external reservoir system.

The new KS i7 comes in two versions, one with an integrated control lever, and another with remote up and down capability. The KS i7 suspension seat post will be available next January.

Also new and Eurobike Award-winning, is Kind Shock’s APG front suspension system. The APG fork offers an integrated pump and air pressure gauge built right into the fork. This allows easy tuning and adjustment of the spring rate, without the need to carry an external pump.

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