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Biretco To Launch In Store Touch Screen Application

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Retail organization Biretco, with its ‘Profile – Bike Specialist’ format active in Germany and the Benelux countries, presented the first interactive touch screen application at Profile ‘Bike Specialist’ Van der Linde last week. The retail organization will test the application in five shops throughout the Netherlands. The touch screens are positioned prominently in the stores on a specially designed display and invites customers to navigate through the various functionalities just like on an i-Pad.

Biretco To Launch In Store Touch Screen Application

The touch screen shows the complete bike range available and the customer can rotate the bicycles 360 degrees and zoom in on all details. It is also helpful for the retailer as he can show all bikes in various colors. It is also possible to expand the general data with local information about promotions and events. For each shop a movie will be shown presenting all employees and service provided by the bike store.

Webshop integration

The touch screen also offers the possibility for consumers to click through to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and the application has several ‘fun’ elements, such as a memory game. The idea of the application is to show in the near future the full range of the webshop, while the products directly available are on the shop floor.

“In case the retailer does not have a product on stock in the store, it can be ordered directly via this application”, said Biretco GM Willem Veenstra. “The touch screen application will definitely appeal to younger audiences, since they are accustomed to digital and interactive applications.

“Consumer needs a physical outlet”

“The shop presents the perfect place product orientation and sales. The consumer needs a physical outlet. People’s needs to feel and though the product is fulfilled in the shop and the personal assistance of the retailers helps them to make their final decision. We want to surprise the consumer in the store and tempt them to buy a new bike at home while sitting on their couch. With this application we integrate both objectives”, said Veenstra.

Photo: Reina and Rene van der Linde of Profile ‘Bike Specialist Van der Linde present the new touch screen in their outlet. Rene is at front of the multi-channel retailing project of Biretco and is very content with this system. “I believe in interactivity and the integration of online and offline. Service and quality will always be the main elements in our shop. But I want to present my customer all options available and that is possible with this system”, said Rene.

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