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Belgium Retailers Cooperate in New Dealer Organization

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BRUSSELS, Belgium – It is called FederProVelo and was founded early July. The new Belgium retailers are joining forces in FederProVelo to defend the interests of the trade, service and repair of bicycles in Belgium. FederProVelo has become a member of the existing automotive organization Federauto.

Belgium Retailers Cooperate in New Dealer Organization

To cope with the growing complexity of the various regulations, but also to defend them markets threatened by supermarkets and internet sales, the Belgian independent bicycle dealers decided to team up again in a professional association.

Complex regulations
“The sale of bicycles has to meet certain management requirements like all other retail markets”, says FederProVelo co-founder Daniel Labours. “Over the years, these regulations have become more complex in areas such as taxes, social laws, compliance with the national and international standards as well as environmental protection.”

“For the generally small family owned Belgium bicycle dealers it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with all these different issues, especially thanks to the growing competition of supermarkets and internet stores. A group of hundred Belgian bike specialists who are aware of this problem wanted to join forces in a professional group.”

Federvelo’s board consists of: Matthy Briers (MB Cycling) as chairman; Isabelle Parmentier (IMP Cycles) and Nico Lauwaert (Fietsen Nico Lauwaert) as vice-chairmen; Benny Mintjens (Fietsen Mintjens) as treasurer and Daniel Labours as general secretary.

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