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Giant and TBEA Join Cycling Industry Club

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At this afternoon’s Advocacy Summit the Cycling Industry Club got a huge boost. The biggest bike maker in the world – Giant – announced here that it will join this club which was initiated by the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) in order to step up advocacy activities.

Giant and TBEA Join Cycling Industry Club
Giant and TBEA Join Cycling Industry Club at Eurobike 2012

There was more good news announced by the ECF at the crowded Summit. Next to Giant also the Taiwan Bicycle Exporters Association (TBEA) has joined the Cycling Industry Club. The two new members are contributing in a big way in the funding of the Cycling Industry Club as Giant’s membership fee is 100,000 euro per year. The TBEA, representing Taiwan’s OE makers and lots of smaller parts makers, pays 50,000 euro per year for a 3-year period.

New members from Europe
Next to new members from Taiwan ECF’s Cycling Industry Club also welcomes the well known Italian industry association ANCMA as a new member including its newest show EICA.

Advocacy gaining momentum in Europe
With the new enlisted members and more big names in the pipeline, advocacy is gaining momentum in Europe. “But more is needed to raise the voice of the bike industry so that it is heard in Brussels,” said ECF Development Manager Kevin Mayne at the Summit this afternoon. “That voice is currently nonexistent. The missing link is us. The car industry received millions of funding from the EU to develop e-cars. They sold 15,000 electric cars in Europe last year. We sold a million e-bikes but nobody in Brussels knows that.”

6 billion euro of EU funding
According to the ECF there’s 6 billion euro of EU funding available. “We are serious; 6 billion for investment in cycling infrastructure. However, nothing is allocated for such projects as nobody is asking for it. That’s what the Cycling Industry Club is going to change.” Extensive coverage of Eurobike’s first Advocacy Summit will be in Bike Europe’s September edition.

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