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Sport 2000 Austria Launches New IBD Sales Concept

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OHLSDORF, Austria – At this year’s national bicycle show “Best for Bike” sporting goods purchasing group Sport 2000 Austria introduces a sales concept targeting the country’s IBDs. This concept which is especially designed for bicycle dealers, is aimed at helping them to increase their weak winter season sales.

Sport 2000 Austria Launches New IBD Sales Concept
Sport 2000 Austria chairman Dr. Holger Schwarting with a High-Colorado-branded MTB.

“Each winter IBDs realize that bicycles sales are just a seasonal business, especially in Austria. We are working together with IBDs on an individual concept that guarantees them additional winter sales”, assured Sport 2000 Austria chairman Dr. Holger Schwarting at the Salzburg show.

Customized IBD concept
According to Schwarting his organization, representing independent sporting goods dealers ranging from full suppliers to specialists, can count on a lot of know-how. “We recognize how to increase specialists’ sales with customized concepts during the low-selling seasons.”

Together with its renowned supply partners the Ohlsdorf-based association Sport 2000 offers a range of products complementing the existing bike range being offered by each IBD store in winter.

“For the winter season we can offer IBDs hot products in fitness, touring sports, cross country ski and winter running at most attractive entry conditions. Stock risks will be covered by Sport 2000 Austria to a high degree”, states the association’s marketing and sales manager Christoph Krahwinkler.

Sales support
In close cooperation with the IBDs the Austrian sporting goods purchasing group is fine-tuning a customized winter sales range addressing the needs of each store specifically and its customer structure. Sport 2000 Austria is for example helping out with POS-material and flyers to support special sales offers.

Target group IBDs
With the new concept Sport 2000 Austria wants to reach IBDs that are not members of their group yet. According to marketing manager Iris Teufl the group itself has enough bicycle experience: “In Austria we have many sporting goods dealers relying on bicycle sales in summer. Especially those sporting goods dealers based in wintersport resorts want to balance their fantastic wintersport sales with something else in summer, for example with outdoor and bicycle products.”

Currently Sport 2000 Austria unites 209 independent sporting goods dealers with 310 outlets. Together with several members from neighboring Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary the group has 270 sporting goods dealers under its roof representing 431 sporting goods outlets.

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