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FederProCycle Joins ETRA

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GAND, Belgium – FederProCycle is the new Belgian Association of Bicycle Retailers founded in July 2012 and is a division of Federauto, the Belgian trade federation for the transport sector.

FederProCycle Joins ETRA

Last week the board of FederProCycle voted unanimously in favor of joining ETRA. FederProCycle promotes the interests of independent bicycle dealers in Belgium and supports them in handling the growing complexity of the legislation and the increasing competition from other players such as supermarkets and internet stores.

FederProCycle’s board consists of Matthy Briers (Fietsen MB) as chairman, Isabelle Parmentier (IMP Cycles) and Nico Lauwaert (Fietsen Nico Lauwaert) as vice-chairmen, Benny Mintjens (Fietsen Mintjens) as treasurer and Daniel Labours as secretary general Matthy Briers and Benny Mintjens will represent FederProCyle on the ETRA board.

Promotion of interests
ETRA’s president Mr Oddershede welcomes FederProCycle’s affiliation: “I am very pleased to welcome FederProCycle as new member of ETRA. With this new membership, we strengthen our voice in the European Union and we have more weight in the promotion of the interests of the sector. We are looking forward to a long and fruitful cooperation with FederProCycle”.

According to Matthy Briers, President of FederProCycle, there was an urgent need for a trade association in Belgium: “Although our country has a legal access to the sales and repair of bicycles, just about anybody and everybody starts up bicycle activities. Many sheltered workshops create employment by deploying bike activities. That is unfair competition for us, regular bicycle dealers, since their activities are subsidized. Secondly, we have around 50 schools that offer training. We want to ensure that the level of this training is such that it results in really professional dealers. We also want to look into the possibility of assisting colleagues who are temporarily confronted with a problem. Finally, we want to (re)establish our relationship with manufacturers and suppliers. There must be respect on both sides. If we can develop a good contact, we will have a win-win situation.”

FederProCycle is the third new effective member to join ETRA this year, after the Society of Irish Motor Industry (SIMI) and VDZ (Verband des deutschen Zweiradhandels e.V.).

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