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ECF: Input Needed for Million Euro E-Bike Project

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BRUSSELS, Belgium – European Cyclists Federation is partner in the Pro-E-bike project which promotes electric bicycles and scooters for delivery of goods and passenger transport among private and public bodies such as delivery companies and public administrations.

ECF: Input Needed for Million Euro E-Bike Project
The Pro-E-bike is supported by the European Union’s ‘Intelligent Energy’ initiative. - Photo Urban-e

The ultimate aim of the project is to prompt these bodies to replace their conventionally fuelled vehicles with e-bikes. Within the project there will be product testing in a number of partner cities which will provide excellent opportunities for innovative companies.

The Pro-E-bike is supported by the European Union’s ‘Intelligent Energy’ initiative which is providing approximately 1 million euro of the projects €1.3 million euro budget.

E-bike industry survey

The Pro-E-bike project is carrying out a survey to identify major initiatives and trends in the e-bike delivery sector that can significantly impact the target market of increasing delivery of goods and services by e-bike by 2020. All companies are asked to complete a short general survey to comment on key trends that the project should be aware of.

There is also a more detailed survey for companies that have done special projects they wish to share, particularly those involving public sector funding such as government grants or EU funding.

The survey is being carried out to ensure that the project fits future needs and market trends as well as current demands. Response to the survey may also make it easier to identify companies who may wish to take part in the market tests and product tenders required by the project at a future date.

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