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Leaders’ Summit: ‘Advocacy Boosts Bike Business

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BRUSSELS, Belgium – European Cyclists Fedeeration’s Eurobike event is gaining status as the place where the leaders of the world’s leading bike companies come together to drive the future direction of the industry. The Advocacy Summit on Thursday is the place where Presidents and CEO’s from companies such as Giant, Accell, PON, SRAM, Cycleurope and Schwalbe come together to show the power of advocacy to grow cycling.

Leaders’ Summit: ‘Advocacy Boosts Bike Business
Advocacy Summit on Thursday is to show the power of advocacy to grow cycling. - Photo Bike Europe

They are holding the summit in a very optimistic mood with Germany’s Merkel coming to Eurobike, EU’s Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas speaking at Velo-city in June and announcements of major investments in cycling flowing from many cities and countries.

Must Attend

Successes like these make the Advocacy Summit a “Must Attend” event at Eurobike. The message from the leaders cannot be clearer. Jeroen Snijders Blok, COO of Accell Group says, “This is of the highest economic interest for your company’s future. Getting more people on bicycles means more business for you. The business case is that simple.”

Stan Day of SRAM and John Koo, General Manager Giant Europe set out the priorities. “The most important work is making sure that the European cities and countries that need attractive cycling infrastructure have the resources they need to succeed.” said Stan, and John supports him, “It is critical to combine the joint force of the European cycling industry to promote cycling and related infrastructure with the EU, governments and local authorities.”

Cycling is worth € 200 billion

At the Advocacy Summit ECF will launch a new report that shows cycling is worth € 200billion per year to Europe’s economy. Germany’s ADFC will show that the new German national cycling masterplan will see millions more cyclists on the roads by 2020. These results can be used to get multi-million Euro investments in cycling which act as a boost to the whole industry.

Tony Grimaldi, CEO of Cycleurope is a recent new supporter. “As an industry we have to talk about infrastructure for cycling, for liveable cities, about public health. To do that we have to work with people who have those skills, those contacts, that experience. This is why we support the advocacy community all over Europe. We all benefit, we all must be part of this.”

The Advocacy Summit

Thursday, August 29, 16:30-18:00
Berlin room, Eurobike Global Show, Friedrichschafen
Drinks and Fingerfood provided.
More information and registration click here

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