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New Companies Join Cycling Industry Club

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BRUSSELS, Belgium – The ECF’s and the Cycling Industry Club’s report that cycling is contributing € 200 billion per year to the European economy created a lot of stir around bicycles. The success made several companies decide to join the Cycling Industry Club.

New Companies Join Cycling Industry Club
The study on the €200 billion contribution of cycling to the European economy as announced at Eurobike made several companies decide to join the Cycling Industry Club. – Photo Bike Europe

“Advocacy grows the market for everyone, everybody contributes, everybody gains. So we need to get more companies involved”, said Kevin Mayne, Development Director of ECF and CIC. “Now we have our first companies from the UK in Muc-Off and GoCycle. Muc-Off have also added a dimension as the first company from the lubricant and cleaning sector while GoCycle is the first of the new generation of e-bike companies to sign up. The rapidly growing folding bike specialists Tern followed there example an joined in as well.

Cycling conditions

Paul Stratta, CEO of GoCycle said “Advocacy to grow the market is essential for the whole bike industry but in the e-bike sector we have special needs. We need the cycling conditions on the streets to be great for new riders, we need the infrastructure to sustain e-bike storage and charging and we need to make sure we are not hurt by regulations.”

“To do this we have to support the advocacy community in their work and I am impressed with everything ECF does. All E-bike companies should be members of the Club.”

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