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LEVA to Host its Annual Networking Dinner at Taipei

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HOLLY RIDGE, USA – The Light Electric Vehicle Association (LEVA) announced its annual LEV networking dinner to take place next week during the Taipei Int’l Cycle Show

LEVA to Host its Annual Networking Dinner at Taipei
Ed Benjamin, LEVA Founder and Chairman welcomes the guests on one the previous editions of a LEVA Networking Dinner. – Photo Bike Europe

This year the event will be held at The Fullon Hotel in Taipei, near the Flower Market on Thursday, March 6, 2014. Last year over 80 people attended the LEVA dinner and represented companies from the following: battery, electric motor, propulsion systems and electric bike and scooters.

‘Establish valuable relationships’

“The event brings together people from around the world to discuss what is happening in the LEV market,” says Heather Marshman, executive director of LEVA. “It gives both suppliers and potential customers an opportunity to meet each other and establish valuable relationships.”

“We have a great history of success at this networking event,” Marshman continues, “and because of the increase in awareness and demand of LEVs in the past year, we expect this will be our best event to date.”

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