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WFSGI Forum on Integrating Design & Manufacturing

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BERN, Switzerland – After a successful first WFSGI Manufacturers Forum 2013 on “The Future of Manufacturing” held last December in Taiwan, the World Federation Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) announces that official registration for the Forum 2014 – “How can Design and Manufacturing Embrace?” – is now open. The event will take place in Leipzig, Germany on November 13-14, 2014.

WFSGI Forum on Integrating Design & Manufacturing
After a successful first WFSGI Manufacturers Forum 2013 held last December in Taiwan, the 2014 Forum is on innovative future manufacturing processes. – Photo Bike Europe

The WFSGI is pleased to offer a unique agenda that will discuss ways to improve communication, strategic leadership and innovative future manufacturing processes between designers and manufacturers. Many sectors have worked hard to better integrate their design and manufacturing activities, resulting in better, cheaper and faster-to-market products.

Critical factors

The Forum will discuss why these companies changed, and describe some of the changes. Drawing from automotive, aerospace, food, electronics, furniture and other sectors the most critical factors in ensuring that manufacturing and design can embrace successfully are discussed. The event is to provoke, awake and provide insights from the car industry and other leading experts in design and manufacturing.

Confirmed speakers (as of June 2, 2014):

– Herbert Hainer, CEO, adidas group

– Dr. Oliver Blume, Executive Board Member, Porsche

– Pier Paolo Righi, CEO, Karl Lagerfeld

– James Carnes, Global Creative Director, adidas

– Steven Shih, Business Unit Director, Yue Yuen

– Charles Yang, Executive General Manager, Apache Footwear

– Andreas Lechner, Director Marketing, Rolf Benz AG & Co KG

– Prof. Steve Evans, University of Cambridge

Workshops and panel discussions

What are the roles and responsibilities across design, purchasing, manufacturing, that enable better innovation? When should innovation processes be integrated into the seasonal cycles and how to deal with distance? How to quantify cost of variants for a manufacturer classified by (A) process cost (sales, R&D, procurement, production) and (B) cost type? There will be two workshops to discuss above mentioned questions around the topics of “Integrated design” and “Management of Variety” conducted by Prof. Steve Evans and Porsche Consulting GmbH accordingly.

Mr. Herbert Hainer, Dr. Oliver Blume and Pier Paolo Righi will then participate in a high-level panel and discuss the leaders’ view on design integration into manufacturing is.

Porsche Factory Visit & Panamera Taxi Ride

WFSGI has selected the event location with great care and is happy to offer all attendees also to visit the Porsche Factory in Leipzig. For the “Need-for-Speed-Enthusiasts” there’s the opportunity to ‘Taxi Ride’ the Porsche Panamera together with a professional pilot.


Please click appropriate link below in order to proceed to the registration page:

– Go to registration for WFSGI MEMBERS (15% discount)

– Go to registration for NON WFSGI MEMBERS

Note: Like last year, there will be a limited number of seats (200) available and the WFSGI expects a high interest in its unique event.

Video from Manufacturers Forum 2013 (Taipei)

If you are now curious about the WFSGI Manufacturers Forum please go ahead and get a feeling on what to expect in Leipzig by watching the video of last year’s manufacturers forum. Click here to watch the video.

All other details on the event can be found if you visit us at

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