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Denmark Adopts ‘National Cycling Strategy

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COPENHAGEN, Denmark – The Danish Minister of Transport launched a new strategy aimed towards getting more people to use their bike. The Danish Cyclists’ Federation has contributed to the final strategy and is very pleased with the outcome.

Denmark Adopts ‘National Cycling Strategy
Denmark is known as a cycling country, but this is mainly limited to Copenhagen. This is about to change. – Photo Bike Europe

“We have a long tradition for cycling in Denmark, and it makes us somewhat unique. We must nourish this culture and pass it on to our kids,” says Magnus Heunicke. the Danish Minister of Transport.

‘Investing in better bike lanes’

“Unfortunately we use our bike less than we used to. Instead, it is quite common for the Danes to get behind the wheel of a car – even for short trips. It is comfortable and easy. The bike must become the easy choice. We can achieve this by investing in better bike lanes, fewer stops for cyclists and more facilities for bike parking,” the Minister continues.

Director of the Danish Cyclists’ Federation, Klaus Bondam, is very pleased with new strategy: “The Minister of Transport adopted our focus areas for the coming years. If the ambitions are realized, Denmark can re-establish its position as the world’s best cycling country.”

According to Klaus Bondam, Denmark is second best in cycling infrastructure after the Netherlands on a number of key parameters, but this may change if the strategy is carried out and sufficient funds allocated.

Focus on ‘everyday cycling’

“We are very happy that the strategy focuses on ‘everyday cycling’ as well as specific areas like better and secure bicycle parking at stations,” says Klaus Bondam, who also applauds the strategy’s focus on active holiday and leisure cycling. “There is a huge potential for bicycle tourism, and this could also generate revenue and jobs.”

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