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ECF/Cycling Industry Club Calls on New EU Commission

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BRUSSELS, Belgium – Yesterday the European Parliament has approved the new European Commission. ECF/Cycling Industry Club is particularly looking forward to working with Ms. Violeta Bulc, the new Commissioner for Transport.

ECF/Cycling Industry Club Calls on New EU Commission
The new Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc. – Photo EU

During her hearing in front of the European Parliament, Ms. Bulc stated that she loves nature and that she supports the polluter-pay and user-pay principles. The European Cyclists’ Federation/Cycling Industry Club expects that the Slovenian Commissioner will soon present her vision on cycling as a means of transportation. ECF/CIC has requested a personal meeting with the former Slovenian minister who will be in charge of transport in the EU for the next five years.

Prioritising cycling for more European jobs

One of the first priorities of the new Commission is to adopt a € 300 billion investment fund within the next weeks to promote growth and create new jobs. ECF/CIC advises the Commission to maximize the return of invest of European tax-payer money by investing in cycling projects. About 250 million Europeans already cycle and with that help to establish a healthier and more productive society by creating more than 800,000 green jobs. About 300,000 additional jobs could be created if cycling doubled.

Economic growth and sustainable mobility

In money terms, the many co-benefits of cycling can be valued at around € 210 billion annually in the EU. A transition to a sustainable mobility in Europe can grow this benefit even further. ECF’s € 6 billion campaign has listed possible investment areas, including EuroVelo related investments as part of the TEN-T network and realized by CEF funds or by using EU structural funds for investments in other cycling infrastructure projects including cycle highways. To give long-term support to cycling, ECF/CIC will request the new Commission to develop an EU Action Plan on Cycling for getting more people cycling more often.

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