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Building Strong Bridges Between Industry and Advocacy

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TAIPEI, Taiwan – As a run up to Velo-city 2016 Global Conference, the city of Taipei upscaled collaboration with the bike industry by organizing the Asian Cycling Forum in parallel with the Taipei Cycle Show last week. A stronger bridge between advocacy and industry makes sense; more cyclists mean more sales, more bikes and equipment.

Building Strong Bridges Between Industry and Advocacy
At Taipei Cycle Manfred Neun, President of the European Cyclists' Federation, called for a closer cooperation between the bicycle industry and the Cycling Industry Club to improve cycling advocacy. – Photo Bike Europe

The European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) and the Cycling Industry Club (CIC) secure that cycling is at the heart of public policy while successfully bringing more cyclists on the ground. The 2015 Velo-city Conference will take place in Nantes (France) and will have a full day dedicated to the cycling industry (June 3rd).

Center of attention

The Velo-city series received a lot of attention from the bicycle industry in Taipei. Tony Lo, CEO of Giant and Chairman of the Taiwan Bicycle Association said that he looked forward to the Velo-City Global 2016 in his Taipei Cycle Show opening speech.

ECF’s Development Director Kevin Mayne was invited to speak at the 2015 International Bicycle Trend Forum, the main conference event of the Taipei Cycle Show where he and Taipei’s Commissioner for Transportation Anne Chung both spoke about the planning for Velo-city and the special opportunities offered by collaboration between industry and cities. Kevin Mayne highlighted that the Velo-city conference series will travel from Nantes to Taipei in order to show how the cycling city can be a future maker. “This will be the first Velo-city in Asia which is very special and it will be the first Velo-city which will be related to large bike show. We have to find out how to make the best of that unique relationship too because it is special opportunity,” he said.

Asian Cycling Forum

Created by the Taipei City Government as a platform for Asian cities to exchange experiences about becoming bicycle-friendly, the Asian Cycling Forum can be seen as a stepping stone on the way to the Velo-city Global in 2016. The Forum was an important opportunity to combine the expertise of advocates, cycling industry, cities and academics to set the scene for the next hot topics in policy and urban planning.

Bringing together all aspects of cycling hides enormous potential as shown by the emergence of key industry perspectives that link the expertise of the bicycle industry and the needs of city policy makers. The Chairman of the Cycling Industry Club and CEO of Cycleurope, Tony Grimaldi gave the industry perspective on the development of e-bikes while sharing the stage with two of Taiwan’s industrial policy leaders; Dr Ming-Ji Wu, Director General of Industrial Development and Chih-Huang Liang of the Cycling & Health Technology Industry Research and Development. They gave an insight in the strategic way the bike industry in Taiwan studies the global bike market development.

What happens next?

After the Taipei International Cycle Show and the Asian Cycling Forum, the next big event on industry and advocacy will be the opening day of Velo-city 2015 in Nantes. “Mark June 3rd in your agenda calendar and register to a full day of workshops and conferences on critical topics such as employment, job creation and the role of the industry in developing the market,” says Kevin Mayne.

For more information on the combined work of industry and advocacy contact Kevin Mayne ( ) or visit to the CIC website.

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