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German Members of Parliament on Cycling Tour

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BERLIN, Germany – The one day cycling tour of German members of parliament has become one of the highlight events in German cycling advocacy. Yesterday more than hundred people joined the Members of Parliament in their cycling trip through the German capital.

German Members of Parliament on Cycling Tour
More than one hundred people, including members of cycling advocacy groups and the German industry organization ZIV joined the parliamentary cycling tour yesterday. – Photo Bike Europe

“Even though it is my ninth cycle tour already I think it is still a great way to draw the attention to the increasing importance of cycling for urban mobility,” said christen democratic MP Gero Storjohann. Together with socialist MP Stefan Zierke he initiated the 2015 edition of the event.

“During the breaks and after the tour many differences between cyclists and motorists were discussed. The different points of view show that there are still some mutual prejudgements to abate,” Zierke added.

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