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More Funds for Growing Cycling Announced at Advocacy Summit

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FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – At today’s Advocacy Summit it was announced that the ECF/Cycling Industry Club has received a 2 million euro subsidy from the European Commission. The money is to be spent on an in-depth research study of the effects that cycling has on urban mobility and city-congestion.

More Funds for Growing Cycling Announced at Advocacy Summit
At today’s Advocacy Summit the Cycling Industry welcomed 7 new members. – Photo Bike Europe

According to Cycling Industry Club development director Kevin Mayne the outcome of the study could trigger more subsidies for growing the use of bicycles and e-bikes in and around cities. He said that the European Commission has earmarked some 2 billion euro for cycling investment from EU funds.

New members

At the Advocacy Summit also new members of the Cycling Industry Club were welcomed. 7 new members have signed up. They are Extra Energy, Flanders Bike Valley, Lease Rad Germany, DHS Romania, Eurasia Bike Fair, Turkey and Manufacture Française du Cycle. With the new 7 members the Cycling Industry Club now has 39 members.

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