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Unlocking New Markets With Cargo (E-)Bikes

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FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – The Eurobike Academy will host two workshops on how to sell more bikes to cities and businesses with CycleLogistics.

Unlocking New Markets With Cargo (E-)Bikes
Experience show that cargo bikes are most successful at places with a very low cycling tradition. – Photo ECF

The EU-funded projects Pro E-Bike and CycleLogistics target commercial delivery in urban centres by showing cities and businesses how to replace motor fleets with cargo bikes and e-bikes, effectively unlocking new markets throughout Europe.

The biggest successes of the projects lie in bringing e-bikes and cargo bikes to places with a very low cycling tradition. The Croatian Post for example is spending 500,000 euro on 180 e-bikes to be put into service this October.

This workshop will provide you with invaluable sales aids to show cities and businesses how much they will benefit from replacing motor vehicles with cargo bikes and e-bikes. There will be two workshops. At 10:00 in the morning dedicated to businesses and one at 14:00 in the afternoon dedicated to cities.

The preliminary program of speakers:

  • Randy Rzewnicki, international project manager, European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF)
  • Karl Reiter, founder of FGM-AMOR (Austrian Mobility Research) and is working on European project CycleLogistics Ahead


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