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Science Forum on E-bike Commuting: Call For Abstracts

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GAND, Belgium – “Recent e-bike research lacks a scientific forum for beyond ‘state-of-the-art’ developments, the latest improvements and further studies in e-bike commuting”, states the University of Leuven, Belgium in a press release announcing their academic workshop on e-bike commuting.

Science Forum on E-bike Commuting: Call For Abstracts
"“Electric bicycles are becoming a popular and more socially accepted means of commuting." - Photo Gazelle

The University of Leuven notes that, “electric bicycles are becoming a popular and more socially accepted means of commuting for young, trendy and ‘green’ users. Moreover, because of its higher speeds (compared to the ordinary bike) and longer reach, it extends the capabilities of normal cycling and could be an attractive alternative to the car.”

Multidisciplinary scientific achievements

Therefore the University of Leuven organizes a workshop on 9 and 10 June 2016 at their Campus in Gand, Belgium. This workshop serves as a platform to discuss and share multidisciplinary scientific achievements related to electric bicycles and to identify common or specific challenges and opportunities for future research.

Abstracts for this workshop can be submitted until 22 February 2016. All further details are here:

The topics for the abstracts should be related, but not limited to the following areas:

  • Electric bicycle technology: drive train components, sensing, e-bike quality testing, etc.
  • E-cyclists behaviour (trip purposes, frequency of use, distances and travel time etc.) and user experiences (like perceived safety, health implications, comfort, speed, geographical radius etc.)
  • Road/cyclist safety; Effects and implications (traffic safety, spatial and environmental effects, modal shifts, etc.)
  • Road/charging/parking infrastructure
  • Improving user experience: gadgets, multimedia integration, weather/theft protection, etc.
  • Specific speed pedelec issues: legislation, drive train, safety, homologation, etc.
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