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Focus on Business Aspects of Cycling at Velo-city Global Conference

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TAIPEI, Taiwan – The Velo-city 2016 Global Conference that was organized by the city of Taipei and that closed earlier today focused more than ever before on the business aspects of cycling. The 4-day Conference had 2 Industry Day’s during which for instance future sales projections for e-bikes by Bosch came to light. Or that the city of Copenhagen calculated that every kilometer cycled instead of using a car saves USD 90 cents!

Focus on Business Aspects of Cycling at Velo-city Global Conference
Organizers of Velo-city 2017 are Dutch cities Arnhem en Nijmegen. Arnhem mayor Herman Kaiser (left) and Nijmegen deputy mayor Harriet Tiements received the Velo-city symbol from ECF President Manfred Neun and Taipei mayor Wen-Je Ko. – Photo Bike Europe

The organizers of the Velo-city Global Conference got lots of top industry leaders lined-up to speak up for cycling advocacy at Velo-city Taipei. They all came with the obvious message that getting more people on bikes more often brings better business. But how much better was disclosed by the Presidents of Trek and Giant.

Target market

Trek President John Burke said that if cycling reached the 26% of modal share as it has now in the Netherlands the industry would grow 5 times its current size. Giant President Tony Lo said that by that time the cycling industry would have some 4 billion extra customers. He said, “Our target market is 4.3 billion people on the planet who don’t cycle yet.”

The senior vice president of the Pon Bicycle Group, Armin Landgraf, announced the new project which unifies the cycling brands of the company under one umbrella for the first time ever. Founder and Team Leader of Tern, Josh Hon, pointed out that the partnerships Tern built with Public Transport companies saves them money and space they otherwise need to invest in parking places.

Sale of 6 million e-bikes by 2022

Where e-bikes are to go the next years was explained by Bosch e-Bike Systems CEO Claus Fleischer. For this year Bosch expects a total sales of 2.7 million electric bikes. In five years the company anticipates on a total sale of close to 6 million e-bikes! “By 2022 every 3rd bike sold in the EU will be an e-bike,” he said.

Smart cities with smart mobility

That pollution-free bicycles are THE solution for creating smart cities with smart mobility that safes the climate and that are more people friendly was also the main message of this Velo-city Global Conference. However, that message is not yet turning decision makers in Brussels into action. In particular as Michael Cramer, who is a member of the European Parliament, pointed out that only 0.7% of the hundreds of billion euro’s the EU spends on subsidies goes to cycling.

Velo-city 2017

At the closing ceremony of the 2016 Velo-city Global the Velo-city symbol was handed over by Taipei mayor Wen-Je Ko to the mayor of Arnhem Herman Kaiser and deputy mayor Harriet Tiements of Nijmegen. The two cities are organizing Velo-city 2017 from June 13 to 16.

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