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Public Meeting at Taipei Show Brings Latest on UCI Disc Brakes Approval

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TAIPEI, Taiwan – on Thursday, March 3, 2016 the latest news on getting UCI approved disc brakes in road racing will be highlighted at a public meeting organized by the Bicycle Committee of the World Federation Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI).

Public Meeting at Taipei Show Brings Latest on UCI Disc Brakes Approval
Next to news on UCI disc brake approval also latest developments in frame design restrictions and 6.8kg weight limitation will be presented. – Photo Bike Europe

Next to the disc brake project the WFSGI will present highlights of all its bicycle undertakings and results from the work with the UCI, IOC and the different Norm institutes ISO and CEN, during the last 12 months.

UCI collaboration

The WFSGI Bicycle Committee looks back again on a very exciting and progressive year in the collaboration with the UCI on further developments with technical rules and regulations. The great effort of the WFSGI Bicycle members in collaboration with the UCI in order to get disc brakes approved in road racing paid back finally with the first test races taking place in July last year. The positive feedbacks from the first test races leaded to the expected continuation of the trial period with a full introduction season 2016.

Additionally the Wheel Committee finally celebrated the success of getting the impact test at Sirris in Belgium replaced by a new test which contains self-certification.

Identification guidelines for Olympic Games

Next to the achievements in the work with the UCI the WFSGI reached also improved conditions for the sporting goods industry on the advertisement and manufacturing identification guidelines for Olympic Games. The Rio 2016 IOC manufacturing identification guidelines (Rule 50) allow for more visibility (50% increased exposure) and show more flexibility when it comes to sports equipment. For certain sports, including cycling, this is a big relief as most products can be used as manufactured.

Frame design restrictions

More on these and other topics of the WFSGI Bicycle Committee as well as new developments regarding frame design restrictions and the 6.8kg weight limitation will be presented during the Public meeting at Taipei Cycle Show.

The WFSGI will share this information during a meeting which is open to the press and industry professionals on Thursday, March 3, 2016.
Time: 14:30 – 16:00
Location: Taipei Cycle Show, Nangang Exhibition hall, Room No. 401, 4 th floor

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