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Advocacy Summit at Eurobike Explores Strategies for Success

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BRUSSELS, Belgium – At Eurobike on September 1 at 5:00 pm in Room Rome the Advocacy Summit will show how successful strategic plans for cycling are selling more bikes in cities, countries and sectors. Here you can find unique policy and data intelligence on how today’s market will look tomorrow.

Advocacy Summit at Eurobike Explores Strategies for Success
Cycling Industry Club’s next challenge is developing European wide cycling strategy that is to boost sales. At Advocacy Summit role of cycling industry is explored in this process. – Photo ECF

“The work of advocates and committed politicians has been paying off with sales increases in key markets. Advocacy grows the market and the numbers confirm it,” says Kevin Mayne, ECF Director of Development. The work of European Cyclists’ Federation supported by the Cycling Industry Club (CIC) makes this possible.

ECF’s Leadership Programme

For example, in Spain, the bicycle market grew more than 10% in the past two years. That is how long Spanish advocates have been supported by ECF’s Leadership Programme to upscale their work – and they are making great progress lobbying for a national cycling plan.

Cities for Cyclists

Cities have been very active too. Munich, a member of ECF’s network Cities for Cyclists, recently announced the investment of 220 million euro in all electric vehicles including e-bikes. Over 300 funding requests for pedelecs and e-cargobikes have been submitted in just the first two months of the project and the list is growing.

Targets for market expansion

Getting innovation into daily use is also the work of good advocacy. Daily cyclists are the target for market expansion as ECF analysis proves that more e-bikes are sold in countries where ECF members are most successful. Good advocacy and strategic collaborations release public investments (like the one in Munich) and generate high-value growth for the industry. Working together with advocates and authorities is the only way to take sales into the next level.

Next challenge

ECF’s and the Cycling Industry Club next challenge is the development of a European wide cycling strategy that will boost sales and grow the market all around the continent. During the Advocacy Summit the role of cycling industry is explored in this process and the remarkable potential for growth.

Register here and contact Elina Baltatzi (ECF Outreach Officer, in case you have any questions.

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