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Work Started on Defining Industry’s Role in European Cycling Strategy

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BRUSSELS, Belgium – Yesterday the first steps were taken to define and plan a bicycle industry chapter of the European Cycling Strategy. On September 14 this new strategy, which is to double cycling in the EU in the next ten years, was kicked off by the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF).

Work Started on Defining Industry’s Role in European Cycling Strategy
The campaign team who will create the EU-wide policy framework for cycling. – Photo ECF

Participants of yesterday’s follow-up meeting for establishing an industry chapter within the European Cycling Strategy were the ECF, The Confederation of the European Bicycle Industry (CONEBI) as well as Accell Group. Such an industry chapter is required and other industries defined such chapters for their European Strategies. The automotive industry for example has it within the so-called “GEAR 2030” strategy to boost competitiveness and growth. In December 2015 a comprehensive strategy for the European aviation sector was also put in place.

Campaign for European Cycling Strategy

The size of the EU Cycling Economy cannot be compared to that of the automotive industry or of the aviation sector, but the Cycling sector is growing very rapidly, says CONEBI today. “This triggered several stakeholders such as the European Cyclists’ Federation, the European Transport Safety Council, Polis and CONEBI – among others – to launch a campaign for a European Cycling Strategy.”

EU-wide policy framework for Cycling

CONEBI further states, “The creation of an EU-wide policy framework for Cycling would bring together for the first time all areas of EU policy with relevance to Cycling: Member States, the European Parliament as well as the Committee of the Regions all have called upon the European Commission to develop such a strategy.” For that a campaign team has been set-up. This team has prepared a Roadmap that lists detailed steps of the EU Cycling Strategy Campaign. Also a mission statement has been developed.

EU Cycling Strategy Campaign Mission Statement

The campaign team has developed its mission statement which says, “’Encouraging more people to cycle more often’ across the EU has the potential to unlock socio-economic benefits worth billions of euros. Stakeholders from diverse backgrounds have therefore joined forces to develop a blueprint for an EU Cycling Strategy which will recommend objectives and define actions falling within EU competence. Published at the Velo-city 2017 conference in June it will then be submitted to the European Commission as a new inspiration for action.” Further, a Roadmap lists detailed steps of the EU Cycling Strategy Campaign.

The campaign team calls on industry peers to get involved and to help making its work a success. That work can be followed on #EUcyclingstrategy as well as at

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