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Cycling Brings Jobs to Europe

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BRUSSELS, Belgium – Growing e-bike sales contributed to a major expansion of the number of bicycles related jobs in the European Union. A recent study of the Confederation of the European Bicycle Industry (CONEBI) shows that this figure increased by 28.5% in the last five years.

Cycling Brings Jobs to Europe
The number of jobs in the European Union related to bicycles, e-bikes and components increased by 28.5% since 2012. – Photo Bike Europe

Today some 800 companies in the bicycle, e-bike and components industry employ over 45,000 direct plus another 45,000 indirect workers. In 2012 CONEBI reported that around 700 companies were directly-indirectly employing 70.000 workers. Most companies related to the bicycle, e-bike and components industry are ‘small to medium enterprises’ (SME’s).


According to CONEBI “the expansion is mainly the result of the market development of the most important innovation of the last 20 years: the e-bike.” The 800 companies are located in 20 out the 28 EU member states and generate a turnover of approximately 12 billion euro.

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