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ECF Launched European Platform for Bike Sharing 

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ARNHEM, Netherlands – The global leaders of the bike-sharing sector gathered mid June at the Velo-city Conference in Arnhem – Nijmegen in Holland. Here the European Cyclists’ Federation officially launched PEBSS, the first ever Platform for European Bicycle Sharing & Systems.

ECF Launched European Platform for Bike Sharing 
PEBSS to become reference point for municipalities looking for guidance on bike share-related topics. – Photo Marie Paris

A forum for intra-sector collaboration and best practice exchange, PEBSS also aims to frame bike share as a core pillar of any (shared) urban mobility plan, and to facilitate innovation and integration with public transport.

Great interest

The Platform welcomes ‘traditional’ public bike share providers, operators of private fleets and campus fleets, cargo / rickshaw services, corporate leasing, peer-to-peer system facilitators, related suppliers, and digital service providers.

As it gathers pace, PEBSS has already collected great interest from diverse operators all over the world, including the most active European stakeholders, widely established North American companies, smaller Eastern European start-ups, South American sector leaders, and Asian giants.

Reference point

This will position PEBSS as the reference point for municipalities looking for guidance on bike share-related topics, and steering the conversation in Europe – and beyond – towards smart(er) bike sharing schemes. One of the first outputs of the Platform: a draft of the Policy Framework for Smart Public-Use Bike Sharing, a recommended document facilitating public bodies to speak authoritatively to their political leaders, while ensuring beneficial public bike share outcomes that are sustainable and foundational.

Driving initiative forward

The ECF through its Cycling Industry Club is uniquely placed to drive forward this initiative: its track record of providing trusted, neutral, and collaborative frameworks ensures a fertile forum for this intra-industry dialogue, directly contributing towards accelerating cycling usage in Europe.

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